Patient Safety

Benefits of a log roll in providing patient care

Patients who have suffered spinal injuries or other complex care scenarios that require immobilisation are at risk of further complications if they are not routinely checked. The log roll is the most effective method of turning a patient in order to undertake an assessment.

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Patient Safety – Features of Mechanised Beds

Even with the considerable benefits of mechanised beds there are still potential patient safety issues to be addressed. One of these is the concern that a button could be accidentally pressed or used by untrained personnel, resulting in further damage to the patient.The new generation of mechanised beds aim to address these issues and provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment.

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How can Nurses have more control when turning Patients?

Turning beds were designed to relieve pressure on nursing teams in complex care scenarios. Often the operation and control of the bed could cause further issues, thus compromising the level of care a patient received. The latest models of turning beds provide increased control features for care providers.

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