• A Guide to Preventing Pressure Ulcers - Best Practice

    Incidences of pressure ulcers among patients who are confined to their beds for large portions of the day can have significant implications for both the patient and the clinical setting. They are painful for the patient and can lead to a considerably longer stay in hospital, thus increasing pressure on hospital beds and budgets.

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  • Clinical Development Officer at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injury Centre

    Paul Harrison Interview – Measuring the Cost Efficiency of Turning Beds

    We recently sat down and interviewed Paul Harrison who is a Clinical Development Officer at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injury Centre. We spoke to him about various topics including how to measure the cost efficiency of mechanised turning beds.

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  • Improving the nursing environment with better equipment

    Patients with some of the most complex care needs will require regular turning. Manual turns are still the preferred option in many settings, but mechanised beds could offer additional support for healthcare teams.

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Spinal Cord Injury Patients

The optimum care of an acute spinal cord injury patient involves not only an understanding of the biomechanics of spinal stability and spinal alignment.

Mechanical Turning Beds

The need for, and use of, mechanical turning beds within the NHS has evolved over many decades for the benefit of both patient and staff wellbeing.

A Guide to Preventing Pressure Ulcers

This guide on preventing pressure ulcers gives some advice and best practice on how to stop bed sores and pressure ulcers from occurring among patients.

Paul Harrison Interview - The Changing demographic of patients

Clinical Development Officer at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injury Centre, Paul Harrison, talks about the changing demographics of SCI patients.

The Benefits of a log roll in providing patient care

This shows the benefits of a log roll on patients in complex care scenarios and how the log roll can help in checking and assessing patients.

Patient Safety – The Features of Mechanised Beds

Patient safety is always a concern and this article looks at the safety features of the legacy bed and how they can help to limit potential safety issues.